Providing exceptional service

Our aim is to provide not only an exceptional service to your animals, but a service that makes life as easy as possible for you. We have a state of the art mobile app allowing us to access clinical records stable-side. We provide clear, personalised invoices and treatment plans to summarise what is discussed at consultations. We can also separate invoice items, for example to ease insurance claims. We routinely provide reminders for visits, vaccinations, dentistry and worming/egg counts, and can also send reminders for repeat blood tests or prescriptions.

  • vet inspecting horse
  • Vet inspecting the teeth and jaw
  • x-ray of horses hoof with nail
  • vet taking bloods from horse
  • microscope and image
  • vwt using microscope camera to look up horses nose
  • verna taking an x-ray of a horses leg
  • xray of horse leg

Our Core Services

As RCVS certificate holders, we have access to all the latest published research ensuring we keep up to date with the latest developments in new diagnostic and therapeutic modalities. This enables us to offer a very high quality, dedicated equine veterinary service. Click to view more information about our services.

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