Verena has a particular interest in behaviour and learning theory and applies evidence-based principles to everyday veterinary practice to ensure a calm and positive experience for all her patients.

Correct use of learning theory and conditioning can prevent horses from ever developing aversions to vets and needles. Verena enjoys working with horses that already are needle/clipper/wormer- or vet-shy, using humane, scientifically proven techniques, including positive-reinforcement and over-shadowing to modify neural pathways. Very often, the horse’s whole attitude to previously stressful veterinary procedures can be quickly changed, creating a very safe and stress-free experience.

white horse standing in forest in head collar

We also provide consultations to address particular behaviour problems, using a problem-solving approach encompassing disturbances in physical, physiological, nutritional and psychological well-being.  Understanding all contributing factors means that these can be addressed in a logical order, whether this be ruling out health conditions such as gastric ulceration or dental disease, referring to another paraprofessional such as a physiotherapist, adapting the horse’s social structure, or beginning a behaviour-modification programme.

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